Managed Services

Managed Services for Database, Hosting and Systems

You can’t take risks when it comes to the key aspects of your enterprise, and your database administration is one of them. Database management is operationally complex, and recruiting and retaining technical personnel is difficult and expensive. At 7NSOFT, we specialize in such professionals, and as such we can offer you experts trained in the industry for decades, for a significantly lower price than would be required elsewhere.

Benefit from our experience managing and supporting databases for hundreds of clients:

  • Free your IT resources. Let them focus on growing your business while we manage and monitor your database platforms.
  • Leverage a well-tuned database, optimized for performance through regimented maintenance and upgrade procedures, as well as automated monitoring and reporting.
  • View system and database performance and growth metrics through a web-based portal.
  • Enjoy data security as we continually apply patches and security updates.
  • Receive technical support, 24×7, from our extensive, expert database administration team.
  • File integrity monitoring and remediation services
  • Customized escalation and remediation procedures